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Cockroach Extermination

Would never use anyone else. Rufus and his team are so knowledgeable, nice, and effective that they will always have our business. - Ashley H.

Thanks Ms. Ashley for that great review. It's a pleasure to service your home and easy I might add. And that's all because you were willing to work with us to solve any problems you may have HAD! lol....Love those atta-boys every time. - Rufus


Pest Control Services

They are very good and they do what they say. - Kimberly D.

Thanks Ms. Kimberly for your review, we try hard for all our customers. So glad you are happy, that's our goal. -Rufus


Pest Control Services

5 Stars -Deborah E.

That's Ms. Deborah, for the acknowledgment. We love those 5 stars. -Rufus


Pest Control Services

I had a roach problem in my kitchen of a rental house. The first visit made a huge difference. After the second I barely saw any signs of bugs. Just had my third visit and haven’t seen a roach in weeks. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you! - Teri M.

Thanks Ms. Teri for that great review. I love hearing that my customers are happy with the service and results. Thank you for all your help in making this happen so quick. You made our job easy and we will work hard to keep your home bug free. Thanks for the atta-boys, they never get old to me. -Rufus


Pest Control Services

Great company! - Amanda C.

Thanks Ms. Amanda for choosing Apex. I so glad you think of us as a great company. I love it. By the way I rode off with your glasses. I could see so good and didn't know why. lol I'll get them back to you, old people, you gotta love' -Rufus


Pest Control Services

5 Stars - Lindsay S.

Thanks Ms. Lindsay for the 5 stars. I glad you are happy with the service. If you ever need to speak with me, please feel free to call. Thanks Again -Rufus


Pest Control Services

Very friendly people, they keep in touch make sure everything is going well and work around your schedule best price in town. - Jordan H.

Thanks Mr. Jordan for your great review, Thanks for taking the time to write a review, I know it takes time and during the holidays we are all slammed. We have to work with our customers schedules and we will never stop checking on our progress in keeping your home pest free. So glad you are happy with the service and the price. Happy Holiday and we'll be seeing you soon. -Rufus


Pest Control Services

Always friendly and flexible. - Amanda T.

Thanks Ms. Amanda, I never forget who my Boss is lol. Thanks Again, -Rufus


Cockroach Extermination

Apex has great customer service. - Shenna G.

Thanks Ms. Shenna, We try hard. I'm Glad you're Happy with us. -Rufus


Pest Control Services

5 Stars - Navjot K.

5 Stars! It doesn't get any better than that. Thank You, -Rufus


Pest Control Services

The price was right! Very thorough job done! Highly recommend. Will be using for quarterly service. Highly recommend – Anonymous Review.

Thank you so much for that great review. We will always do our best to please you. If you ever have a question, please contact me. Thanks Again, -Rufus


Pest Control Services

Awesome experience, the technician sat with me and explained the do's and don'ts of trying to keep pests at bay, explained the solutions used, and even helped identified a snake which I found in the yard (it was a water moccasin) highly recommend. - Sean C.

Awesome review! I love getting reviews, where my guys try to help my customers. I know you will be happy with the service and the results in a little while. Thanks Again, -Rufus


Pest Control Services

Very knowledgeable and professional. - Peter O.

Thank You Sir, I didn't send the request for a review so soon. Its Thumbtack. I would have and will in a few months when you could say something other than I show up lol. Keep an eye out for a Cube. -Rufus


Pest Control Services

Very good - Beverly M. Thanks Ms. Beverly, We try!


Pest Control Services

So far, so good! Thanks, hope it stays that way. - James G.

I'm so sorry that Thumbtack asked for a review, I thank you for replying. I've tried to explain that pest control is not like painting a post, it takes time because of the killing cycle. I would have liked to ask for the review a few months up the road. Again, I'm sorry..........Rufus


Very good - Anonymous Review

I'm so sorry that Thumbtack asked for a review, I would like to thank you for replying. I've tried to explain that pest control is not like painting a post, it takes time because of the killing cycle. I would have liked to ask for the review a few months up the road. Again, I'm sorry..........Rufus


Mr. Rufus kept his word and provided great service during all of his pest control treatments. He was great in explaining the chemicals used and was always available if we had any issues outside of the normal service schedule. We had ZERO pest problems for more than a year. - Gary V.

Thank you so much for this great review. I'm so proud of my guys. ZERO pest problems for over a year. In South Carolina that is doing a good job. Of course, this would have not been possible without your help and for that I want to thank you. -Rufus


Pest Control Services

Apex is affordable, quality pest control. They show up exactly when they say they will and they are always friendly. The staff is knowledgeable and they really take care of their customers. I'm so glad I didn't sign a contract with a bigger company because Apex has been perfect for my home. - Lana V.

Thank You So Much, Ms. Lana, for one of my favorite reviews. To hear from one of my customers saying all the things we have worked on so hard is now being recognized. I am so proud of my guys. we're not there yet, but we are getting better all the time. I too am glad you didn't sign up with one of the bigger companies. We will continue to work hard to be the perfect pest control company for your home. Thank Again, I feel like a proud -Rufus


Pest Control Services

Apex is a no hassle company with real insight on how to address our pest problems. - Jeff H.

Thanks Mr. Jeff for your great review, we know you don't need to be hassled. You want fast service with great results and that's what we offer and we deliver. I promise your pest problem will soon be a pass problem. -Rufus


Pest Control Services

Thank you for the great service. - Jeremiah G.

I'm so sorry that Thumbtack asked you for a review without my permission. This is new and I hate it. It doesn't work for pest control and I've tried to explain it to them, but they are robots and think we are all the same. I do appreciate your review very much and I thank you. I promise I will earn that 5 star rating in time. Rufus


Pest Control Services

Very knowledgeable. - Eric B.

Mr. Eric, I want to apologize for Thumbtack asking for a review almost before we got started. You were a whole lot more generous than I would have been. I hope one day we can earn a 5-star rating from you. Please don't give in under no circumstance until you are bug-free and totally satisfied. Thank you again for the review and I hope to have you bug-free soon..... Rufus


Pest Control Services

Started out confusing with the appointment setting but that made it right, quickly and professionally. Set then up as my regular exterminator. - Michelle B.


I waited too long to get this done. My irresponsibility made me worry what might be found. Rufus answered my questions & worked quickly and efficiently! - Anonymous Review

I completely understand in this busy world we live in today, but it’s never too late to get the problem taken care of and have peace of mind again. I am glad we were able to answer your questions and get to servicing your home. We do work pretty fast, so if you ever think it's too fast, please remind the tech that he works for you and he needs to slow down. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask. I know we will be asking questions. That's how to get the best out of a service and the very best results. Again, Thank you for the review. Rufus


Pest Control Services

Apex responded quickly to my request and I was easily able to set up a visit from them. They came and sprayed and put up traps, keeping in mind our dog. I think the price is fair and glad we have used them. - Heather H.

Thanks, Ms. Heather for taking the time to write us your review. We always try to be prompt for our customers and you'll see we are just as prompt when it's time for your follow-up service. As for careful around pets. I own 5 of those little guys and I would rather harm to myself, before hurting someone's pet. Thank you again for your great review and I'm looking forward to servicing your home until you are bug-free and beyond. Rufus


Pest Control Services

VERY GOOD SERVICE! THEY DO A LOT MORE THAN MOST OTHER COMPANIES. We plan on keeping them on for our pest control - Carol A.

Love It! But the truth is, we simply do what is necessary to resolve your pest problem. That's what you hired us to do and that's what I want to do. Every Pest Free Home is an Atta-Boy. It's the reason I do it. That's our goal. Thanks Ms. Carol.


Pest Control Services

They've done any excellent job. Very friendly, professional, helpful, and flexible with my schedule. - Brandon T.

Thanks, Mr. Brandon for taking the time out of your busy schedule to write us a review. It is appreciated. I love hearing my guys are making my customers happy. That make my day. If you ever get anything less, please call me, but I'm sure you won't. I'm very proud of my guys. Thanks again, Rufus


Pest Control Services

We have only had one treatment but so far have been very pleased. Great to work with! - Madison M.

Thanks Ms. Madison for your review. I'm sorry they asked for it so soon. I like to wait until you have no pest at all. But I promise you will be completely happy with us in a short time. Thanks again, Rufus


Pest Control Services Apex and Rufus have been wonderful to work with. I have been using the past six months and their service has been very effective in eliminating our pest. Definitely recommend. - Ben D.

Thank you for our great review Mr. Ben. We appreciate your kind words and for you to recommended us to anyone, how special is that. For anyone to recommend, Is pretty bold, but I promise you will never regret trusting me to do right by your recommendation. Thanks again and thanks for my atta-boys....Rufus


Pest Control Services So far, so good. Had a bad bug problem when we moved into our townhome. Called for help. They came right away. Been having service for a few months now and the same technician comes every time. Getting to know him, which is pretty cool. These guys have gotten rid of the bugs and are always on time and very friendly! I would highly recommend if you need a bug guy! - Tara B.

I feel like a proud papa reading such kind words about my little business. I'm so happy that you love the service and the job my tech is doing for you. The truth is we try to do our best for all our customers every time. I always promise my customers that and I do my best never to do anything less. Thanks Ms. Tara for your review and my atta-boy. If any of us ever forget we work for you, please remind us. Thanks again. Rufus


Pest Control Services They were very quick to answer my request and they came out same day to treat our palmetto bug infestation. They treated the area and also put some bait out. We did not see any bugs the next night. - James R.

Thanks Mr. James for you great review. I'm very glad that we seem to have taken care of your pest very quickly. I would never tell a customer that I could get those results so fast, but it’s great when it happens. Just remember that there is a killing process to get rid of most pest. Thanks again for taking time out of your busy day and I know you are busy to write this review. Thanks for the Rufus


Cockroach Extermination I had Apex Pest Control come out to spray my house for roaches. They did a wonderful job. I have not seen any more in the kitchen but have seen some in the bathroom. I am having them come out monthly until we have the problem under control. Very courteous. - Laura M.

Thanks, you for taking time to write the review, I very happy that you are pleased with the service so far. Like I told you there is a killing process to getting rid of roaches and I know in a short time your pest problem we become a pass problem. Thanks again for the atta-boys and your great review. Rufus


Cockroach Extermination Rufus and his team are wonderful, efficient, easy easy to contact and on time. The service has been veey effective in my home. - Christina R.

Ms. Christina, Thank you so much for taking the time to write that great review. I never get tired of hearing my customers brag on us and tell others how pleased you are with Apex and our team. I want to thank you for your help in making your pest problems a pass problem. The truth you made our job very easy. Thanks for my atta-boy, you can't ever get to


Need Exterminator Rufus and his team are wonderful. I have them come once a quarter. When they arrive they ask me what I have seen as far as bugs this time and my answer is always "I don’t see or have any because i have you!" And I mean it! Apex and Rufus .. Awesome. I highly recommend! - Deb K.

Thank you, Ms. Deb for taking time to write that great review. I'm sure you have no idea how much we appreciate you and all of our customers for giving us the chance to make your home pest free. I thank you for your recommendation, I know what you are telling others and I promise to never disappoint you by doing anything less than my best. And of course thanks for the


Cockroach Extermination Very prompt & professional. Highly recommend. - Laree H.

Thanks Ms. Laree for the review, I never get tired of hearing my customer saying nice things about us and that they would recommend us to others. That is about the best thing that can be said about any business. Thanks again for my atta-boys, Rufus


Pest Control Services Rufus arrived on time and performed a flea treatment for my two-story home. He was very thorough and a professional! - Ron H.

Thanks Mr. Ron for taking time out of your day to write a review for me. I know that most of us don't like to wait to spend our money for any service. I know I don't. So being on time is very important to me and your satisfaction is our goal every time. Thanks Again, Rufus


Pest Control Services

Great communicator, very responsive to messages. Prompt and reliable. - Amanda P.

Thanks Ms. Amanda for your great review. I'm very happy that you are happy with the service. We really try to communicate with our customers soon as possible. We know you don't have to have us, there are lots of great pest control people in the area. As for reliable, I won't settle for anything less. Thanks again and if you ever need pest control again, please remember us. Rufus


Cockroach Extermination Easy to contact and extremely flexible with scheduling~ even the week before Christmas! Staff that came to the house was courteous and respectful. Treatment appears to be within 48 hours. - Mrs. G.

Mrs. G. Thank you for your review and taking time out of your busy day this close to Christmas to write it. I'm sorry Thumbtack will not stop sending review request so soon, I've asked them not to do that. I really would have like to have waited a couple of months so you could see the results of our service. I'm sure you are going to be happy with everything. Thank you for your kind words and I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Rufus


Cockroach Extermination They were right on time and very pleasant. Answered every question I had and listened to all my concerns and walked me through how it all works. Just in Customer service alone they got a 10! Everything else is all a bonus. Great job. - Sara B.

Thank you so much for that awesome review, I'm very happy that your questions were answered and you have peace of mind. And that was just the customer service part, now to your pest problem, you will soon be seeing less and less until they become a pass problem. Thank you for my them.......Rufus


Pest Control Services Very thorough on my first service. Haven't seen any bugs at all. Not even a Palmetto bug! Very pleased. - Susan B.

Thank you, Ms. Susan for the review. No Bugs at all! I wish I could promise that to everyone, but I can't. Not that fast. But if everyone is willing to give me the time I often need. They can get the same results. Thanks Again, Rufus


Cockroach Extermination Professional and courteous service but most importantly it was effective. Prices are better than reasonable. Highly recommended - Daniel M.

Thanks Mr. Daniel for the great review. I love getting reviews from my customers and to read how please with the service they are and the results. I love those


Cockroach Extermination Arrived on time explained what was to be done. - Jeffrey D.

Thanks Mr. Jeffrey, I'm sorry that Thumbtack asked for a review before we hard got started. I hate it when they do that, but it’s out of my control. I am happy that you are pleased so far. Thanks for taking time to write the review. Rufus


Pest Control Services We have been using Apex for the past few months now. Moved into a new house that had some roach problems. In just the few months that Rufus has been treating our home, we noticed a huge improvement. Haven't seen anything for weeks. He is very knowledgeable and friendly and has the best prices around. I highly recommend Apex to anyone looking to get rid of their bug problems. A+ - Jason M.

YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you so much for the great review, it means a lot to a small business like mine, but more than that, its means that all the studying and hard work has paid off. Some people think because we become old we have no value. Your review proves just how wrong they are. We worked for that rating and I promise we will work even harder to keep it. Thanks for the atta-boy......feeling proud, Rufus


Pest Control Services Very professional. Had an issue with his service at one time and he took care of it personally. Needless to say, I am still using his service. Also, my roach issue is down to nothing in just a short amount of time. Would definitely recommend him to everyone - Teresa A.

Thank you for so much for taking time to write this review, I love it. It shows we are just people that like anyone, we can make mistakes. I'm so glad it was brought to my attention and I was given to chance to make it right. Thank you for your support and my atta-boy...Feeling Kind of Proud :) Rufus


Pest Control Services I am very satisfied with the service from Apex Pest Control. - Sally H.

Sorry about that review request, Thumbtack sends it out if I don't stop it. I am happy you are pleased with the service so far. I promise to rid your pest in a short time. Thanks for my atta-boy I love'em


Pest Control Services



I called Apex for a termite inspection on my house in Goose Creek. They came out and did a thorough inspection. During the inspection, they found a leaking water pipe under the house and the service rep came back and repaired the leak. The entire process was handled very professionally and reasonable. On a scale of 10, I give them an 11. Would definitely use them again and would recommend them to anyone. -(Offsite Review)

Thank You Sir, we love it when our customers give us atta-boys and all we have to do is do what every business should do. Give good service at a great price. And with great customers like yourself our job was a piece of cake. Thanks again for the kind words........Rufus


Need Exterminator Rufus is super personable and very good at what he does. He goes above and beyond without trying to nickel and dime you or get you to agree to services you may not need. He's taken care of our roach and spider problems thoroughly and explained ways we can keep them away as well. Apex is great! We are customers for life. - Sarah B.

Thanks, Ms. Sarah for your great review, we are pleased that you are happy with our services. I must be fair, you made our job very easy by asking questions about what you can do to help and then doing them. Thanks for your help. I sure do like getting my atta-boys.... You've made my day! lol Rufus


Need Exterminator Apex is amazing! Rufus treated in and around my house for an earwig problem. I saw immediate results and am VERY pleased. Rufus did in one morning what another national company couldn't do in four years. Thank you, Apex! I will definitely be using them again. - Thomas H.

Thank you, Mr. Thomas, for the great review. I love it when I compete with the big boys and get a review like that. I'm so glad you are pleased with the results so far, It will only get better. Thanks again for my atta-boy.......Rufus


Need Exterminator Rufus arrived on time and ready to work. He is very personable, but also professional. He is knowledgeable and was able to answer the questions I had. I was comfortable having him in my home and around my children. I highly recommend him! - Lori C.

Thanks, Ms. Lori for your great review. I was glad I was able to answer all your questions. I got lucky, I promise I'm not a know it all......yet! lol. Thanks again for my atta-boys......I love them.........Rufus


I have a home in Goose Creek that I was getting ready to rent out. I called Apex Pest Control to see if they could provide their service to my home. I was amazed that he could come out that afternoon. Mr. Mazzell not only treated the entire home, he took the time to explain everything that he was doing and things that I could do to keep my home pest free. He also said that if I have any issues to please give him a call. I will recommend Apex to anyone that I know that is looking for a company to take care of their Pest Control. He offered a low monthly payment and a really good price for quarterly service. His prices are better than any of his competitors and the service far exceeds anything that I have received from anyone else. I like to deal with people that treat me right. Mr. Mazzell is the kind of person that once you meet him, you will have a new friend. - Mark W.


Very nice and friendly company always on time and definitely gets the job done. We are very satisfied and have not seen a bug since thanks Apex Pest Control. I highly recommend his services. - Britney T.

Thanks for the great review Ms. Britney, You and your Mom made my job easy just by doing a few things that help speed up getting rid of your pest. For all of your help, Thank You! And a special thanks for my atta-boys...I love them... Lol... Your Bug Man, -Rufus


Need an Exterminator Rufus with Apex was extremely professional and courteous. He took the time to explain everything and gave us realistic information and advice on how to mitigate the problem in the future. Rufus from Apex was easily the best service professional I've had the pleasure of dealing with in quite some time. professional, courteous. knowledgeable, timely and very reasonably priced. I would recommend Apex to anyone - Michael C.


Need an Exterminator Rufus is just a great person all around! It's nice to meet such a down-to-earth person who cares about good customer service and doing their job right. He responded to my inquiry very quickly, and he was able to come out to my house the very next day...that's great service! I'll definitely be using him on a recurring basis...highly recommend! - Karriema C.


Need pest control services Rufus was on time, very personable and most importantly, did an excellent job handling our longstanding bug problem. I highly recommend him to anyone! - Robert B.

Thank you, Mr. B. for your great review, must admit I wasn't looking for it so soon. I'm glad you are happy with the service and I promise, it will only get better. Thanks again.....Rufus


Amazing service got rid of all of our problems fast and cheaper than anyone else I called! Very nice and friendly, comes around my schedule and does not let me forget appointments! He will contact you any way you choose, text email, phone! Excellent service!!! - Krystal M.

Thanks, Ms. Krystal for your kind words, I promise we will always do our best. You can count on us. I love my Rufus


We moved I to a smaller trailer (closer together). We had roaches from day one. So, we tried to treat ourselves, which made life more manageable, until the fleas started to takeover. We called another company, and they came out, told me because I had so much stuff they said could treat my home, and charge me $280 just for the first treatment, if I could get rid of almost half of my things. So I remembered serving Ruffus at the drive thru I told him what happened, he told what thought about their quote. Gave me his card, told me he could do better. And he was right no more fleas and the roaches are on their way out as well!!!! Thank you, Apex!!! - Chanda R.


Rufus has done an amazing job for us! When we first moved into our rental we had him come out because we didn't know what the bugs were like in our area. He did a full inside and outside treatment for us and has come back frequently, on our request, just to do touch up treatments although they really aren't needed! Ever since that first treatment we haven't seen ANY pests in our house at all and the 6-10 huge red ant hills have never been active again. He is also very friendly and accommodating to our schedules. I would highly recommend him to anyone! - Erin K.


Great bug man. - Warren G.


Mr. Rufus came in very knowledgeable of what my concerns were. He was on time, very friendly, and very thorough. He also gave me info of what to expect after the job was completed. Great guy!!! - Kenika J. 


Mr. Mazzell is always punctual does everything in a professional and courteous manor ' I had a pretty bad bug problem and he fixed the problem in an expediential manor ' I would highly recommend him to anyone. - Stac F.


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